PREMIER ACADEMY DANCE (only for Premier Academy Students)


Premier Academy Trophy Club ONLY PreSchool/Kindergarten and after school program may attend regular classes, dance camps and dance events at Fuller Rhythm Studio.  These classes are at or after 3PM.
All parents must make special arrangements with Premier Academy Trophy Club for pick up.  Email for more information.

Classes may include (click here for possible available classes):

Combo Class-Tap/Ballet/Tumbling Age 3-5

Combo Class-Tap/Ballet/Jazz  Age 6-7

Hip Hop Age 4+

Ballet Age 4-6

Ballet Age 7-10

Jazz Age 7-10

Tap Age 7-10

Camps may include:

Seasonal themed camps

Register online. These classes are under the TAB "2017-2018 Dance"
*Regular studio registration and tuition apply for these classes. 

*Classes subject to change.
​*Classes are subject to minimum participants to make.


2017-2018 Premier Academy Dance  CLASSES BEGIN SEP 5th
Registration online
   Premier Academy classes may be found under the TAB Premier Academy.

*Classes subject to change.
​*Classes are subject to minimum participants to make.

Ballet/Tap class will be held AT Premier Academy schools for students 3 & older.

(Children 2.5-3 may try the class should be mature enough to participate)

All classes begin at 9am 

  • Tue-Trophy Club
  • Fri-Northlake/Chadwick

2017-18 DANCE SEASON TUITION (per person):  $40/month

Classes begin Sep 5, 2017.  Last day of class is May 29, 2018.

Tuition is based on a full year and divided up equally to monthly payments whether there is 2, 3, 4 or 5 days of dance in a month.  When you register, you will pay full month tuition and registration fee.  Any prorates positive or negative will be adjusted on your second month tuition.  
Every effort is made to hold class as scheduled.  If the daycare cancels our school beyond our control, we will make every effort to hold class on another day or your child will be invited to makeup class on Saturday at our dance studio in Trophy Club.

​This is a discounted registration rate for PA only at the Premier Academy Dance programs.  This registration rate does not apply to FRS classes held at the dance studio. 
$50/person or $60/family (families email for code adjustment on your registration)


**NEW** PA students are not required to wear dance wear.  They may wear PA Uniform OR Fuller Rhythm Studio Shirt and fitted leggings/shorts OR dance wear of their choice.  ALL Students must adhere to the shoes as on our FRS dress code: http://www.fullerrhythm.com/dress-code.html


           Pink leather type Ballet

           Black Taps with elastic closure or straps - NO ties or ribbons

LABEL EVERYTHING!  All shoes, dance wear, clothing/uniform including sweatshirts, etc.  If it is possible they remove it while at PA, then it needs to be labeled.  THANK YOU!

FRS will issue each student one large plastic baggie to carry their shoes to class.  This baggie should be in their cubby.  A dance bag is not require as they will only carry the plastic baggie with their shoes to dance class.

COMMUNICATION-it is very important you keep a current email on file with our system.  You have the option to login to keep it current or let us know to update.  You should also make sure you are receiving monthly emails as this is the main way of receiving communication regarding the dance program.

FACEBOOK - Like our Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/fullerrhythm/

STUDENTS ONLY FACE BOOK PAGE - Like this page for STUDENTS ONLY.  You may post for sale items - dance wear and shoes on this page.  You will be responsible to make the sale and delivery is between the two parties.  This page is for the entire FRS Student base.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1696106757292715/?ref=br_tf

If you prefer to donate used dance shoes / wear to the studio, please let us know.  We will place donated items them on the page to sell with proceeds going toward our dance program.


  • December Showcase will be held in class in December.  Please refer to your email for date.  We have to schedule with the school.
  • May Showcase will be held in class in May.  Please refer to your email for date.  We have to schedule with the school
  • Spring Recital-​Premier Academy will have the option to participate in the Fuller Rhythm Studio Recital in Spring 2018.  All classes will perform 1 dance in the recital.  Additional Recital fee and costume fee will be due for each student.  Those fees will be announced by November 2017.  All information will be emailed as soon as it is posted and available on our Recital link on our website.