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Schedule - OZ Rehearsals - update 4/23/18

Schedule - Recital DAY - dress rehearsals & call times.

Class Checklist - what to wear, hairstyles, shoes???

2018 RECITAL - Dancing the Yellow Brick Road

www.CostumeManager.com  Their contact number is 1-877-632-6234.
Leave a detail message.  They are in California time.

You may also order tights, shoes, accessories.  I recommend to call them to make sure you will them before the Recital.

Parents will receive email from CostumeManager.com when their costume is shipped.  All costumes come to the studio.  After they are checked in, they will be available for pick up during your child's class time unless you make other arrangements.

Quick Link to FRS Recital Storefront ​

Back of shirt will feature all recital dancer's names.

updated 4/23/18
RECITAL DAY - Sat, June 2, 2018

Arlington Music Hall, 224 N Center St, Arlington, Texas 76011  MAP

​Recital Start time 5:00pm​​


PRE-SALE (through May 15) Recital tickets go on sale NOW. 
Families are allowed up to 4 tickets during PRE-SALE. 
On May 16 tickets sales open up for all and families may purchase MORE tickets if needed. 
Please click HERE for PRESALE TICKETS.

NOTE: Each family will receive ONE FREE ticket. This ticket is under the category of
COMPLIMENTARY and will be available by calling Miriam at Arlington Music Hall at 817-226-4400. 
This complimentary ticket will need to be reserved like your other tickets. 
Order your complimentary ticket by May 15.

Dancers that are able to see some of the recital (mostly the little ones in the first part)

will also be able to view the recital free this year.  They may pick up their dancer

theatre pass when they check out AFTER they dance.  We do hope these dancers stay

and watch the other FRS dancers and our mini production "Dancing the Yellow Brick Road". 

If you are a dancer in the second part of the recital,

you will not be able to watch as you will be back stage for the entire recital.

Adult dancers, please see Christina for your participant ticket.

PHOTOGRAPHY by Sarah Hailey Photography

CLICK HERE for all information regarding pictures.

If you have any questions regarding pictures, please contact Sarah Hailey on her website.

  • Individual Pictures - Saturday, May 19 at Fuller Rhythm Studio
  • Recital Candid Photos will be taken by SARAH HAILEY PHOTOGRAPHY.
  • Group Pictures will be taken on Recital Day at the theatre at your Call Time so be on time. 
    Group pictures (digital) will be our gift to you (from Sarah Hailey and Fuller Rhythm Studio).

NO VIDEO OR PHOTOGRAPHY WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE THEATRE. We strive to make the recital a professional experience for all dancers and the audience.

VIDEO - The 2018 Recital will be available via your own online personal link.  You will be able to view it as often as you like (works similar to Netflix).  No DVDs will be distributed this year.  Your link will be emailed to you about 2 weeks after the recital.

  • Order by May 31 for only $10
  • After May 31 price will increase to $15

Do NOT DELAY - order NOW!  Forms are also available at the studio and payment may be made with correct cash or check to Fuller Rhythm Studio directly to Christina OR you may order through your Parent Portal...  https://dancestudio-pro.com/online/fullerrhythm

  CLICK:  Online Store
  CLICK: Recital 2018 Video
  ADD it to your Cart, and follow through with your payment
  (When ordering online, product price reflects price before tax. Tax will be added on at payment screen online to equal above posted pricing.)

NO VIDEO OR PHOTOGRAPHY WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE THEATRE. We strive to make the recital a professional experience for all dancers and the audience.

T-SHIRTS - The Fuller Rhythm Studio commemorative t-shirt will be available through a local business,
DFW Quality Tees this year.   All shirts will be green and feature our "Dancing the Yellow Brick Road" logo

in yellow print.  The back of the shirt list the names of ALL the dancers in the Recital 2018. 

Shirts are Gildan brand unisex size.
Please email Little.ddddd@yahoo.com to place your order. 

An invoice will be emailed to you by DFW Quality Tees to make payment online.

Indicate quantity and size.  Shirts sizes available:
Youth Small-Large     AND      Adult  Small-3XL

*Price:  EARLY By May 15 = $18 (delivered at recital)   /   After May 15th = $23   /   Orders closed June 2
*A $2 add-on fee will be applied to each shirt sizes 2XL and larger.
Shirts from EARLY SALE will be delivered at the recital on June 2.  All other orders may be picked up the studio after June 11     
​Dancing the Yellow Brick Road logo designed by dance mom, Erica Andrews!

VOLUNTEERS - We still are needing some volunteer moms to help out with the little ones.  Your job will be to be in the DANCER WAIT AREA with your class group at least 5 routines BEFORE your child's routine. You may be there earlier if you like.  You will escort your child's class to the STAGE WAIT AREA and hand them off to our staff.  You will then be able to watch your child from backstage OR sit in one of our reserved front row seats for to watch your child dance.  You will then return to the STAGE WAIT AREA, pick up your group and return to the DANCER WAIT AREA and remain with them until they are picked up by their parent or are handed over to our staff.  OF COURSE the most important part of your job will be to keep the kids happy and calm.

If you have teens ages 13+ that need service hours (or just want to volunteer), we can use some extra help.  These special helpers will be in the DANCER WAIT AREA with our little dancers and keeping them happy and entertained under supervision of our staff.  They may also be runners as needed.  Older teens ages 16+ may have other jobs backstage.

To volunteer or more information, please email Mail@FullerRhythm.com and get signed up.


MAY 15 Deadline to order your PRESALE Recital Tickets

MAY 15 Deadline to order your Complimentary Ticket

MAY 16 Recital Ticket Sales open for ALL and families may purchase additional tickets - no limit

MAY 19 Individual Pictures at Fuller Rhythm Studio

May 31 Deadline to order your Video link for only $10 / Price increased to $15 after May 31